Pacific North West

Welcome! To the gateway of the Pacific Northwest, so I have heard my whole life. I grew up in a little town in Yamhill County located about 30 Miles southwest of Portland Oregon.  Around here there are many things to do for leisure. For, instance fishing is a big deal in these neck of the woods. From trollin for Sturgeon on the Columbia River to snagin trout in the Clackamas. Either way your in for a good time and if your hungry for some good food.  I would love to hear some good ol’fishing stories if you got’em. Share them and I will be sure to share mine but I may be strechin the truth for a good laugh. Naw just gettin ya..Drop me a line..Haha..


For all you fly fisherman check Fly-fishingthis book out..Its a must have for your fly fishing adventures. Yeah..I make only a few cents on this, but I’m here to show you what works and if I make a few extra dollars. I can continue to to show more tricks and tips. Thank you

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