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Hey Fishermen,

Just got back from a fishing trip to the beautiful Gulf Coast and let me tell you some Big O Fish will share some pictures you can send me some to just go to our contact page and email them. But first let me tell you about the trip. The first day arrived in Panama City International Airport met up up with my good friend from childhood Scott King and we decided to wait for the other crew to show up. But while we were waiting decided to get some tactics out the way. Tactics I’m talking about is mapping out our travel and where to hook them fish. When you fishing in the Gulf it the weather can’t be predictable, so you really want to leave coordinates with someone who is not going preferably your husband or wife. This way they know where to find your body…Hahaha! Not Funny! No, it is not so making sure people know where you’re at when fishing out in the great blue yonder. So, while me and Scott sitting waiting for Ron and Clyde we decided to partake in some adult beverages and while we are close grab some BC’s BBQ. Now, don’t be jealous they claim is the Best BBQ In the South and they are right it was very delicious more like a southern tradition.  First stop in going to be off of Cape San Blas, just right up against the road from St.  Joe. Then headed about 20  miles out in the great blue yonder for some big fish. As were are going over the trip I hear behind me the voice of Clyde, a deep burly voice “You’re not going without me” turned around and saw his smiling face. It’s like where back in high school. You see me Scott and Clyde(Ty) always went by Ty. We grew up in the Hillsboro, Oregon area graduated from Hillsboro High School back Ahem! the late 80’s not to rel=myself. We always hung out got in and out of trouble really made our high school days fun and entertaining.

Clyde (Ty) decided to go to the military has 3 children, not grandkids yet, had a really great military career and moved back to Hillsboro where he is currently running the family business Hillsboro Carpet Cleaning, Portland Oregon’s Best Carpet Cleaner I’m sure he be more than happy to help out. Make sure and check out the fly fishing book for my Alaska Trip here.

Scott decided to marry his high school sweetheart Michelle and after 20 some years and 4 children and one grand daughter still together. Anyways Scott is in the commercial refrigerant business and is the District Manger of Northwest Florida  (all of the Panhandle Florida) for Advance Refrigerant and is doing very well for his family.

As for me well let’s just say after high school I went on a vagabond hike and never came back. I decided when I was in high school to be never tied down and to do what I want for the rest of my life well folks fishing is my life and passion. Getting back to the fishing trip Ron decided to back out because of family emergency, so guess who gets our coordinates. You’re right good ole Ron. We have plenty to talk about with him in future blogs. So now that we have our trips and places lined up it time to do some fishing here are just some pictures.  So next time I will be in the Rivers of beautiful Alaska. I bid farewell until next time my anxiously awaiting fisherman. Adios!

Some Pictures I promised

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